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It sounds like a combination of adventure, but Raft mobile hooked me. You ‘re trapped in the middle of the ocean with nothing but a hook and a boarding platform Within this video, it’s just infinite water that’s not much as a gaming setting. You begin by standing on just one platform and a hook with a cord attached to it. You use the hook to throw items floating around in the water. Timber blocks, frames, and fragments.

And you transform the accumulated items into useful material to enhance your life. The wooden platforms you can construct are able to increase the size of your floating house, purify water to make it drinkable, and cook fish or potatoes. There is also an object network you can build to grab some floating objects automatically. I highly recommend this because it simplifies the provision of materials. If you plunge into the water, you will be assaulted by any sharks and killed, so there is no need to jump into the pool. When you pass, you can show a recording where the things in your inventory are kept. You should delete them. If not, you’ll lose all, but you’ll still have everything you’ve built.

About the game Raft Mobile

Survive the hard life in the middle of the ocean of being stuck on a raft! You’re not lost on a desolate island, but worse, in the middle of the sea! You ‘re struggling! No culture! No culture! Just frozen saltwater and starving wild animals! Extract waste from the water to render the machinery available. Build the pole, hammer, rope, and other material to construct fresh frames, columns, shelters. Expand your raft and make your life more comfortable. Protect your wellbeing by the preparation of food and water digestion. Be vigilant of the ocean risks! The shark in particular arrives to wreck the ship! The game has a complex method of scripting and is fun for lovers of survival games.

FREE Features of the Game: — Gathering — collecting from the Oceans all required items: equipment, design supplies, fruit, etc. — Crafting & Design — Advanced crafts: objects, houses, flooring, columns, rafting steps, weapons, guns and much more! — food – Remove the saltwater and make your meal ready! Hunting – try fishing and other aquatic species so they don’t die of malnutrition! — Forestry — Cultivate palm trees and crops! — Security – at all times hold you safe! — Marine 3D game for protection – Escape or fight strong marine predators like the shark! — A number of events – handicrafts, materials gathering, construction, farming, forestry, dining, hawks battling!

Raft Mobile Features

– Collect all the required ocean items: equipment, crafts, food, and more!
– Manufacturing and Construction: Advanced production system: products, built houses, walls, columns, rafting steps, equipment … Arms, etc.
– Cooking: Prepare your food and wash your water with the oil!
– Fishing: Seek fish and other aquatic species so that they don’t suffer from malnutrition!
– Agriculture: rising palm and vegetables!
– Survival: at any risk keep yourself safe!
– Game of wildness 3D survival: escape or battle strong seafarers like a brave hedgehog!
– A lot to do: craftsmanship, supplies selection, building, hunting, planting, cooking, the battle sharks!

– True adventure: great gaming and lots of entertainment!
– Great visuals, quick browsing: a fun and simple game!

Raft Mobile Apk & IOS Mobile File Information:

App Name Raft Apk + IOS
File Size 35 MB
Latest Version 1
Operation System Android 4.0 and Above, IOS 10 and above
Cost 100% Free
Features Android and IOS game


Raft is like other survival games, but it’s a bit less difficult to not have to dig for supplies. Do not allow it to dissuade you from this game because you are stuck only on a platform, it is very fun and you can create quite impersonate structures. It is a single-player, it can be downloaded and played free of charge.

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