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Ben 10: Power Trip Mobile Download For Android APK & IOS


In this thrilling 3D environment, put on Omnitrix and turn into a strong alien in Ben 10: Power Trip Mobile for adventure and war. In the exciting combat, the war against the toughest opponent that Xiaoban has ever faced. Solving fun puzzles, using expertise to help people reach you, and collecting knowledge for updating aliens. and visiting the towns, forests, and European mountains all through until the last fight with the evil corpse.

You are your partners, Xiaowen and Mark. In the game the humor and resistance you see on the show “Cartoon Channel.” Three heads are stronger than one Zhuge Liang, and in the standalone split display, Kevin will also fight for you. You’ll want to recall the journey of strength over and over.

The time has come to be a hero!

Tian Xiaoban is excited about a trip to Europe. his dad. But the evil body awakes at this point the power of the four enigmatic crystals and calls out the void frightening monsters. It now is your duty to help Xiaoban avoid the evil plot of the corpse of the magical lord!

About the game Ben 10: Power Trip Mobile

Ben Tennyson and his family are all set for a luxurious European holiday – when wicked Hex awakens four enigmatic crystals and invites monstrous guests from the Void.

Now it’s up to you to help Ben foil the master magician’s extremely fiendish plans! Pick up the Omnitrix and transform it into the unbelievable aliens of Ben 10, as you wander and fight in a 3d universe full of action.

Take on some of Ben’s deadliest enemies in an exciting battle. Solve interesting puzzles, use your abilities to help the city’s and powerups to update your aliens. your mates. And visit Europe’s towns, forests, and mountains to the ultimate showdown of Hex.

Both humor and competition from the Cartoon network are here with Gwen and Grandpa Max by your side. Kevin Levin has been on the adventure in a local screen cooperative, as four weapons are stronger than two. You may want to take this one power ride over and over again.

This is a hero moment! Hero time!

Gameplay and features

“Ben 10: Power Ride” takes place in Ben Tennyson’s animated universe, where he uses his faithful Omnitrix to turn himself into various alien races and save the earth. The game tells a peculiar plot, in which Ben has to discover the reality behind four enigmatic crystals, which endanger the world. Players will transform into mighty aliens and work together in this cooperative game to fight fearful enemies.

“Ben 10 is a childhood children’s franchise; we are pleased to be playing these characters once again,” said Terry Malham, Outright Games’ CEO. “With this tag, our long-standing relationship with Cartoon Network has helped us to take major steps forward and build a game to entertain the 10 fans of Ben and their families in the brand new adventure together”

Ben 10: Power Trip Mobile Apk & IOS Mobile File Information:

App Name Ben 10 Power Trip Mobile APK + IOS
File Size 37 MB
Latest Version 1.0
Operation System Android 4.0 and Above, IOS 10 and above
Cost 100% Free
Features Android and IOS game


Ben 10: Power Trip Mobile


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