Rocket League Season 2 Mobile Download For Android APK & IOS

Rocket League Season 2 Mobile

Rocket League Season 2 Smartphone is a high-powered combination of arcade-style soccer and vehicular mayhem, with easy-to-understand controls and quick, physics-driven competition. Rocket League includes casual and competitive multiplayer matches, a fully-featured offline season mode, exclusive “mutators” that encourage you to modify the rules entirely, hockey and basketball-inspired Extra Modes, and more than 500 trillion possible cosmetic alteration variants.

One of the most widely praised sports games of all time is the Rocket League, winner or receiver of over 150′ Game of the Year’ awards. With a population of more than 57 million players, Rocket League delivers regular free and paid updates, including fresh DLCs, content packs, functions, modes, and arenas.

Purchase Rocket Pass Premium! to get an initial 50 percent XP bonus and win up to 70 unique rewards, including a new Battle-Car, Target Blast, Keys, and more.

Challenge System- To level up and unlock special prizes, play multiplayer matches, and complete weekly activities accessible only in Rocket Pass.

About the game Rocket League Season 2 Mobile

Rocket League Season 2 has now launched, adding several new prominent additional features such as player hymns, a new stadium, and a new vehicle. Season 2 competitions are now available, and additional prizes and an expanded player limit are available.

The most important change for us in the update is that player anthems are included. This allows players to customize their victories even more by choosing the music played when scored, saved, or MVP from an internal track library. Currently, five songs from the Rocket League Soundtrack Vol can be chosen as player anthems. 1. We hope to add more because it seems a little lean.

Features of season 2 of the game

In the first stage of the second season, the new action car known as the R3MX can be unlocked. This latest adventure is very much the spectator and reminds us of a Porsche Cayman. The new arena is called Neon Fields and this is added to online playlists and can be used by your mates or in offline matches.

Earlier this year, Rocket League reached a new era five years after it first debuted. Since Epic Games purchased developer Psyonix, it was announced that Rocket League was going free-to-play. The game even left Steam and lived with this free-to-play switch on the Store of the Epic Titles, so Rocket League underwent a very drastic shift in 2020.

With this free play transition, the Rocket League has also added seasons such as several free play games. The first season is coming to an end and Psyonix today revealed that on 9 December, season 2 will commence. It will go live with a new car – the R3MX – which can be launched on Rocket Pass during season 2.

Team anthems will also be played in the arena this season if players mark a goal. Player Anthems will be launched if all free and premium tracks are leveled in the Rocket Pass and bought from the store or won by completing challenges. In season 2, Psyonix will send players 5 Anthems free of charge: Mike Ault’s Angel Wings. Avianna Acid, Mike Ault’s “Flying Forever.” Mike Ault’s achievement, Morgan Perry, “I Can Be.” Crysta, Mike Ault’s Love Through the Night and Mike Ault’s “We Speak Chinese”

How to download Rocket League Season 2 For Android APK & IOS?

  1. Download the apk from the above page.
  2. Click the Install button to open the downloaded file.
    You must now authorize unknown sources to install applications. Go to settings >> Apps/Security and tick Enable Apps from unknown sources to be installed.
  3. Click again and the software is mounted on your computer in a matter of seconds.
  4. To watch your favorite Web series, TV shows, documentaries, and movies for free press the Open button and enjoy it.
  5. This was the only Mod Apk installation manual for fans. After downloading this on your computer, we hope you liked this program. Well in this article there are several other features that we did not list. This Apk is totally safe and available. You can only download apk file and follow the above-mentioned installation process.
App NameRocket League Season 2 Mobile APK + IOS
File Size22 MB
Latest Version1.0
Operation SystemAndroid 4.0 and Above, IOS 10 and above
Cost100% Free
FeaturesAndroid and IOS game

Rocket League Season 2 Mobile

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