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What video game do you want? Whether that is just optimistic, those soft childhood fantasies in which everything looks like toys and sounds like joys, so there you are. Slime Rancher mobile is the story of a Beatrix LeBeau rancher who is far, far from for slims. And this is a genuine fairytale full of light and fun.

Little more about the game

You place a thousand light-years from the earth, then. Everything seems unearthly, of course, but can you picture how far? The grass is purple, the hens appear curiously like our own and the shoots are the main part of the fauna of this world. They ‘re always hungry round, big and nice, so you have to feed them in order to get a result. Carry them to the corral and raise them with your vacuum.

Why do they eat? How are they eating? Everything! Everything! See them in your yard, so they will tear anything out of the field. Give a hen to see what’s going on. Even if you eat one another (or rather another sort of slime, to be precise), it looks nice.

It’s the most attractive part of the game to see what they’re doing and what they deliver after meals. Slimes create plorts, concentrate content you can exchange for money, and then purchase new permits and equipment.

In addition, plants and materials are developed, marketed locally, updated, and new sites built. And everyone has their share in the new dreamy creatures of Technicolor. Four slimes of different styles are required for each form. It is a special type of exploration to learn them.

In this vivid, vibrant world, everything seems possible. There’s no doubt why you use the same body with your VacPack, pistol and broom, to draw and shoot slimes.

Plants and materials are also developed, sold locally, updated and new sites are constructed. So both have a hand of the latest Technicolor dreamy animals. Each design includes four slimes of various types. To learn it is a particular type of exploration.

Everything seems to be true in this beautiful, beautiful nation. There is no doubt why you use the same body for drawing and firing slimes with your VacPack, gun, and broom.

Features and more options in-game

DARK as fast as you can!
AVOID trains approaching!
Help, Cocco to escape the bad animals!
★ Play trains with your cool team!
★ Colorful HD graphics!
★ Surfing on an airplane jetpack!
★ Paint thrusters!
★ High-fly acrobatics at the speed of lightning!
★ Challenge and help your friends!
A universal app with HD graphics optimized for a Retina resolution.

Slime Rancher Mobile Tip & Tricks Easily to improve in-game

Not many games are available, depending on graphic solutions. Yet the atmosphere is the Slime Rancher mobile game and visuals and sounds are no special type. The designers and developers have done their job well. The alien creatures feel optimistic and cheerful, fifty-fifty. They convey natural emotions and infect you. They want to move, eat, multiply – live, in a single word. And the game is spreading this.

How Does it Look on Other Planets

This is an RPG-sandbox fusion first-person view (if this game is defined), and this is great. It’s very enjoyable to move to Beatrix ‘s heels. You have this complete absorption, and waking up from this game is like you’ve not seen a vision ever since your very, very young age. Yes, you have not to. Ok, you have not to. You can’t feel exhausted for hours in this session.


Slime Rancher mobile provides an inner package, as in other RPGs and quests. Nevertheless, the letters contribute nothing to their activities and queries. We know more from the narrator then. Those letters tell her story, but she doesn’t say a word when working.

The narrative spreads on the market where the friends are not as discreet as at first glance.

Some modes, such as Adventure, Casual, Race, are available. The best choice depends on the amount of time you plan to play and how much time you spend.


Release DateAug 1, 2017
DeveloperMonomi Park
PublisherMonomi Park
GenreAction, Adventure, Indie, Simulation
LanguageEnglish, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian, Swedish

Slime Rancher Mobile

Slime Rancher Mobile

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