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Minecraft Dungeons is an RPG action title from Mojang and Xbox Game Studios for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch inspired by classic dungeon games. To download Minecraft Dungeons Apk Mobile you should Make your way through a new action-adventure game inspired by classic dungeons and set in the universe of Minecraft. Up to four friends can play together or you can take on the dungeons alone. Battle new and nasty creatures in action-packed, treasure-filled and varied levels, all in an epic quest to defeat the evil Arch-Illager.

Like all first-party titles, Minecraft Dungeons will join the Xbox Game Pass catalog from my launch day. That means all service subscribers will be able to access it at no extra cost. Microsoft has invested in providing a diverse catalog, not only composed of games from Xbox Game Studios itself, but also from third party companies. Even so, the purchase of studios such as Obsidian Entertainment, InXile or Ninja Theory is partly due to the interest in feeding the catalog with more of their own production.

Download Minecraft Dungeons Mod Apk (Android & IOS) Latest Version:

Minecraft Dungeons A whole new game of action-adventure influenced by typical dungeon crawlers.
Download Minecraft Dungeons Beta on all compatible Android devices early! 

Minecraft Dungeons can be played alone or up to 4 times in the same quest to save the villagers from the clutches of Arch-Illager, the villain of Minecraft Dungeons. This game is naturally part of the Minecraft universe but it will offer another kind of experience, which allows you to distinguish yourself from the dynamic classic of construction. Minecraft Dungeons will only be available on PC in 2019.

minecraft dungeons apk mobile


The war is waged by the modern mobs influenced by the original dungeon crawlers in this latest action-adventure. 


With local and online collaboration, up to four players will partner up and battle. 


Search treasure stage to take the wicked Arch-Illager down! 


Configure your hero, the battle near and intimate with melee kicks, hang up with different strikes, or pick up your path through the swarms of mobs with heavy guns!

Minecraft Dungeons Apk Mobile File Information:

App NameMinecraft Dungeons APK
File Size22 MB
Latest Version2
Operation SystemAndroid 4.0 and Above
Cost100% Free
FeaturesAndroid game


Minecraft Dungeons Apk Features:


The same visuals There’s just no question in Minecraft when it comes to graphics. Dungeons were created by the same people who produced Minecraft. Minecraft: The dungeons have the same blocky visual design and have been a big gaming symbol. The history and the esthetics are both very well designed and perfectly fit into the Minecraft world.

Minecraft & Dungeon Crawling Minecraft: Dungeons let go of the open-world core game and survival format for adventure and dungeon crawling, as described above. Minecraft. You get dropped in a labyrinthine dungeon with dungeon crawlers and your goal in the dungeon is to recapture any object or defect a boss.

Fun With Friends

Playing the first Minecraft game yourself was a lot of fun, but it was much more enjoyable to bring friends with you. In the first Minecraft games, though, the absence of a common target was somewhat restricting in cooperative games. Of course, it was enjoyable to wander aimlessly with your friends in the open universe, but without an end target you and your friends will set down guidelines for yourself. Minecraft: Dungeons allows 4 teams across sessions of multiplayer.

A Special Perspective on Minecraft:

Dungeons is a simple turn in Minecraft. This is very identical to the original title, but it has a completely new gameplay for Minecraft Dungeons Apk Mobile.

Download Minecraft Dungeons Apk Mobile

Download Minecraft Dungeons

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