Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy Mobile Android & IOS


Like the name suggests, the Ultimate Ninja Storm trilogy mobile incorporates the first three installments in the franchise in one box. Although each of them tells a separate story, war stays essentially the same throughout.

The key battle takes place in the 3D stadiums, with two competitors squaring off together with two supporters that can be called on until their meter is complete.

You will chain combos together with relative ease by hammering the A click, tossing shurikens with Y, hopping about with B, and charging special moves with X.

About the game and details

Unique moves are the true star, filled with over-the-top cuts and massive blasts that are just as anime as it comes, and ripping away large pieces of the opponent ‘s body.

Combat is fairly easy, but the fights can get pretty messy because of a camera that seems hell-bent on making it difficult to watch your own position in the fight for the sake of video images.

So although there’s a shortage of complicated inputs, there are so many various mechanisms so buttons in operation that you’ll quickly lose control of how to pull off a particular assault and typically profit from it.

Tips of the game

Eventually, though you get the feel of fighting, the tale of the game is a whole other obstacle. Great luck if you’re not a Naruto follower, then Ultimate Ninja Storm won’t find you any time early.

When you want to get completely engaged, you should play the first game in the show, although it’s hard to suggest that you do so. Ultimate Ninja Storm includes a strange development scheme where you’re required to complete side quests to continue on the plot, thousands of repetitive collectibles, a boring overworld that you’ve got to travel through every five minutes, and terrible minigames that don’t bear to talk about.


Fight around the board is beautiful, if a little plain, and the narrative behind it is fascinating in its own way, yet at the same time it’s totally baffling, unless you took the time to grasp it.

So though it sounds like “poor man screams at the moon,” the games are a little too complicated for beginners. Just a short rundown or description about who somebody is will be fantastic, but you’re mostly left to work things out on your own.

Fans of the series that haven’t played the games are likely to get a kick out of the Ultimate Ninja Storm trio so to be able to carry it away with no visible reduction in price is a huge bonus.

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy Mobile APK & IOS App Info

App Version1.0 BETA
Apk Size26 MB
PublisherBandai namco
App Packagecom.trilogy
Content RatingEveryone
Supported VersionsAndroid 4.1 and up
Last Updatedjune 10, 2020

How to download the game APK Mobile Free?

  • First download Apk file
  • Save to your device
  • Click on the file and wait till the installation process gets over
  • Once done, open the naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm trilogy mobile

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy mobile

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